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  • Use Data Visualization in Your Pittsburgh Airport Area Business to Improve Marketing Success and Business Intelligence Presentations

    Data visualization is the most powerful way to get complex ideas and information across when presenting marketing data and business intelligence (BI) information. Visualizations grab and hold the viewer's attention by transforming your raw data and messages into dynamic and compelling graphical images, charts, maps, and animations. Effective data visualization tools help you move from static and boring data presentations and materials, and the best visualizations generate a real buzz by helping people connect the dots and share powerful insights. 

    This article from the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce highlights a few ideas to increase the effectiveness and impact of your business intelligence and marketing presentations with unique and creative data visualizations.

    Visualize Your Data Analytics Dashboard

    Businesses collect and process copious amounts of raw data on business flows, markets, customer relationships, and consumer behavior. Successful companies build out their data analytics dashboard to encompass visualization tools and telescope the sheer volume of data into fewer readable and easy-to-understand graphical representations. Standard visualization products include plots and charts, maps, animations, interactive models, and dynamic infographics. Even more elaborate and elegant visualizations, such as data time-series, spatial analysis, and statistical correlation diagrams, are becoming mainstream.

    Audience engagement and retention of key messages improve with effective data visualizations. As data sets and business issues become more complex, use multiple linked graphics rather than trying to design a single, busy slide. Many designers find audiences are touched more readily by simpler graphics designed with the principles of repetition and contrast, so focus on conveying the big picture while hinting at or teasing the deeper complexities in later, more detailed graphics. 

    An effective visualization strategy uses a banner template to brand individual graphics with your logo and color preferences. Choose a free online banner maker with easily downloadable and flexible templates with the capability to accommodate different data types and sources. Customize your template for the platform you intend to use in the presentation. 

    Expand Your Data Visualization Horizon

    Making sense of big data analytics, large marketing, and BI data sets requires a more powerful visualization approach. Machine learning tools are increasingly used to discover and quantify patterns and indicators across supply chains, market trends, and consumer lifestyles. Understanding the scope and reach of business challenges sometimes means separating issues into smaller, more manageable pieces. Communicating different data combinations, algorithm predictive models, and complex and subtle information to large and diverse audiences is important. The best way is to tell a story, and the best stories turn data into action. 

    Data visualization and machine learning support strong evidence-based decision-making and stimulate new thinking and brainstorming activities. Machine learning models are continuously learning as new data arrive and are added to your business knowledge database. Better predictive analytics using data mining and AI techniques are possible. Your marketing and analytics team then builds on traditional business intelligence reports to sharpen forecasts of future consumer preferences and make market projections on-the-fly.

    There are many stakeholders who could benefit from seeing some of these data, so consider including some of your visualizations in your project reviews and annual reports. As you’re constructing these reports, if you need a new page in your PDF, use an editing tool. They are free and easy to use, and will allow you to insert pages where you need them in order to create a cohesive report for your audience.

    Connect and Learn More

    Successful marketing and business intelligence presentations use visualizations to increase the impact and shared understanding of complex data and ideas. Take advantage of online tools to create cohesive reports, and share your data analytics with key stakeholders to show what you are doing and where your next improvement efforts will be.

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