• Staff

  • Chris Heck, President/CEO
  • Chris Heck, President/CEO


    Advice to new members: "Do something great today."


  • Susan Hovanec, Member Services Manager
  • Susan Hovanec, Member Services Manager


    Advice to new members: "Seek the benefits and opportunities provided by the Chamber and align them with your business plan. Connect with other members who can help you meet your objectives and goals."

  • Michelle Kreutzer, Executive Vice President
  • Michelle Kreutzer, IOM,
    Executive Director


    Advice to new members: "Don't be afraid to meet new people...and always remember to smile!"

  • Doug Keeter, Membership Director
  • Doug Keeter, Membership Director


    Advice to new members: "Take advantage of this opportunity to build professional relationships with fellow members."

  • Allison Franz, Communications Specialist
  • Allison Franz, Marketing and Communications Manager


    Advice to new members:  "The community is changing and growing around us.  Don't get lost, get involved!  Being a member of the Chamber gives small and large companies the opportunity to grow and achieve their business goals."

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