• About the Chamber

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  • Mission

    To provide resources and information to advance and maximize economic vitality through advocacy, education and networking to our members and our regional business community.


    To be the unified voice for opportunity and growth in the greater airport area.


    Through the PAACC’s Community Growth and Government Affairs Committee, scheduled meetings and programming with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels, and involvement in community development initiatives, we strive to advocate for the most pressing issues in the area that are important to the success of your business.


    The PAACC regularly schedules breakfast events with various guest speakers and topics to ensure you are receiving both relevant and timely reports about the current conditions of business in the airport area.

    Through the PAACC’s educational programs, we empower our members to maintain existing skills, learn new skills, and adapt to the changing skill sets needed for today’s market.


    Through the PAACC’s programming efforts, charitable organizations can create awareness, raise money, and seek volunteers to further their specific mission.

    Through the PAACC’s wide range of events and committees, we provide our members with numerous opportunities to grow their customer base by networking with other airport area businesses.

  • The Airport Area

    The PAACC serves 34 communities in the airport area:

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