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  • Common Small Business Weak Spots You Should Be On the Lookout For

    It is important to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to running a successful business. It's all too easy for small issues to turn into big problems if not addressed early on, which is why it is essential to identify and address any weaknesses before they become overwhelming. The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help with this list of common weak spots you should be on the lookout for to maintain the health of your business.

    Update Technology

    Technology moves quickly; what was state of the art five years ago might be outdated today. Make sure that your IT infrastructure is up-to-date in terms of both hardware and software, as this will enable your business operations to run more efficiently. Additionally, ensure that your IT staff are well-trained in using new software and hardware so that everyone in the office can take advantage of its features.

    Keep Track Of Cash Flow

    Cash flow management is key for any business, regardless of size or industry. If you don’t have a handle on how much money is coming in and going out, then you won’t be able to make informed decisions about your plans or financial goals. Keep track of cash flow by setting up regular billing cycles, automating payments whenever possible, and staying on top of account receivables.

    Keep Employees Engaged

    Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay with a company longer, but employee engagement isn’t just about feeling valued. It’s also about having meaningful work and benefits that make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Make sure that employees have access to adequate tools and resources so they can do their jobs effectively, as well as incentives such as bonuses or flexible schedules that help keep morale high.

    Update Your Marketing Budget

    The marketing landscape changes rapidly, so ensuring that your budget reflects these changes will help secure success for your business over time. Investigate new ways to reach potential customers, such as exploring video content or influencer marketing campaigns; researching competitors’ strategies; and looking at how much you are spending compared year-over-year. You can also find ways to save money while still reaching your desired audience with effective campaigns.

    Help Customers Pay On Time

    Late payments can wreak havoc on businesses' budgets if not managed correctly, so it's important to develop a system where customers pay promptly each month while still being mindful of their own financial situation. Consider offering payment plans or discounts when applicable and send friendly reminders before invoices are due. You should also keep communication open with customers who may need assistance with payment due dates or billing amounts due each month in order for them (and you) to remain financially secure during difficult times.

    Keep Your Documents Organized With PDF Tools

    If you want your financial documents organized properly, then using PDF tools can come in handy. Not only does it allow you to store large amounts of information without taking up physical space, but it also makes finding those documents easier when needed via searchable text features. Additionally, shared PDF files between colleagues or clients help standardize workflow among various departments while keeping data secure from unauthorized access or alteration by third parties. You can use this tool when you need to split a PDF.


    Uncovering common small business financial and operational weaknesses takes vigilance, but it can pay off in spades over time if done correctly. By taking steps such as updating your technology, utilizing free and low-cost resources such as secure PDF tools, and keeping up with your cash flow, you can ensure that your business remains strong as you grow. Don't forget to focus on customer service so you can keep them coming back.

    The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce can help you keep your small business on track. Take a look at the many resources we offer today.

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