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    From coal mining tools that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution to railroad and other tools used to build the US transportation infrastructure, to our famous entrenching mattock used extensively in World Wars I and II for digging fox holes and trenches, Warwood Tool has been trusted by generations of hard-working Americans. In fact, American soldiers have relied on our Warwood Tool products in every war since the Civil War.

    In 1854, immigrant Henry Warwood moved to Martins Ferry, OH after spending years in the Pittsburgh steel mills to found The Warwood Tool Co. He built his namesake as a coal mine and gardening tool supply company, but as the landscape of America changed, the company adapted to additionally provide tools for railway maintenance, construction, and oil & gas industries. Warwood Tool moved to Wheeling, WV in the early 1900’s where they were initially surrounded by bucolic farmland. As a town quickly sprang up around the manufacturing facility along the banks of the Ohio River, it was named Warwood in honor of the forging company. The town of Warwood still thrives to this day.

    Although much has changed since 1854, our unwavering focus on high-quality tools remains the same.


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