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    At the Spanos Group of Raymond James, our mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise they need to make educated financial decisions. We help our clients by applying over 2 centuries of combined experience in the financial services industry with quality investments and the most up to date information available. Our goal is to present information in a straightforward manner so that together with our clients, we can determine the most applicable options available for their portfolios. We are constantly considering changes in both the marketplace and in our clients' lives, and make necessary adjustments to help them achieve their financial goals.

    We take pride in helping our clients to navigate the many twists and turns of market uncertainty with sound investment advice and financial planning solutions. Since our founding, our mission has been serving people and their financial well-being. This continued emphasis on people gives us purpose, strength, and a way forward. Our goal is to help our clients discover and follow the path that is best for their unique circumstances. With the resources of one of America’s leading financial firms, the Spanos Group of Raymond James continues to build and strengthen relationships that are the key to our clients’ ultimate investment success. Contact the Spanos Group and request a complimentary copy of their books Financial Therapy and Replacing Your Paycheck.

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