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    Apple Blossom is a brand new, locally owned and operated community offering Independent Living, Personal Care Home and Memory Care. Our licensed nursing staff is available to residents to monitor healthcare needs and supervise personal care.
    Our Wellness Director not only creates Personal Service Plans for each resident when they join the community, they routinely reassess residents for emergent needs. Everyone makes it their job to understand what makes a resident happy.
    We believe in the power of good nutrition, fellowship and freshly prepared, home-cooked meals, so we employ an Executive Chef to plan our menus, train our staff and create an enjoyable and delicious restaurant-style dining experience. We ask for our residents’ feedback, suggestions and recipes, serve breakfast all day and create reasons to celebrate together.
    Above all, we make room for the important things over the routines of the day. Sitting together and listening to a story, holding a hand, learning something new about a resident’s life and remembering we are in the presence of people who have shaped our world. These moments don’t show up in our job descriptions, but they make up the most meaningful parts of our day. We know how important they are.



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    Beautiful Brick Work on our Memory Care Building
    Memory Care Oct. 2018
    Our First Depositor, admiring a cottage.
    Our First Depositor, Loretta Laffey, has chosen her home!
    Personal Care Bldg. Oct. 2018
    Senior Citizen Wellness Expo 2018
    Ari and Elizabeth Zarabi
    Becky Mulik and Kathleen Cook
    Eleanor Jett and her daughter-in-law Carol Molinaro choosing an apartment
    Linda Basler choosing her apartment
    Mr. and Mrs. Gill
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuever
    Mr. Manna
    Mr. Manna, Claudia Moore, and Roseann
    The First Depositor Lunch!
    First Depositor Lunch!
    Moon Township Senior Connection Sock Hop
    Moon Township Senior Connection Sock Hop
    Moon Township Senior Connection Sock Hop
    Moon Township Senior Connection Sock Hop
    Moon Township Senior Connection Sock Hop

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