• CHOICES is an interactive classroom seminar that gives middle school students a chance to see into the future and recognize the importance and long-term effect of the personal and academic decisions they make today.  The program offers creative, highly participatory exercises facilitated by volunteers from the business community.

    Students are challenged to think about their future career options based on the level of education they decide to achieve, as well as the impact their choices will have on others and the world around them.  Self-discipline is encouraged as the key to success in their endeavors and at the end of the seminar they are given a “Key to Success” as a reminder of the control they have over their choices and their futures.

    If you are a PAACC member who would like more information about volunteering for the CHOICES program, contact Susan Hovanec at 412.264.6270 or memberservices@paacc.com.

    For general information about the national CHOICES program, click here.

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